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Summary I am attempting a 3D Printed circuit. I painted this model with conductive glue and I used a wire to attach a CR2032 battery. Many ATTINY chips can be programing using the Arduino IDE. See http://www.arduino.cc/ http://highlowtech.org/?p=1695 Use Arduino as ISP or In Circuit Programmer. I tried Makergeeks conductive ABS but is has high resistance so a conductive paint or paste had to be used. Attiny84 Datasheet: http://www.atmel.com/Images/doc8006.pdf At 3V resistors are not really needed to limit current for LED. I tried to use SMT led but I could not get a good connection. Just learning AutoCAD Inventor and this is my first project. Hopefully more to follow. Instructions I used AutoCAD Inventor and exported to STL. You have to force it to scale in Millimeters in the export options. I have a Flashforge Creator X 3D printer. I printed using PLA at .1mm. I use a glass plate with aquanet hair spray with nozzle at 215 C and 55 C heated bed. I have update my software to the newest Sailfish (7.6 I think). Most of the time I use makerware software but other options could achieve better results.

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