Solar Panel Breakout Box


Summary Have an old Solar panel not being used, Well I made this breakout box so i can have the kids charge their gadgets and phones as well as DS's and tablets from a solar panel, with out having to connect cables and plugs, just plugin and let charge, good for camping and in the car as well as at home with the panel in the garage window. no battery needed but wont hurt if you connect one ... then you can charge at night as well, the front panel is removable and can be replaced with a new front panel layout........... I have 12volts DC as well as 5volts usb 1 and 2 amp . a swith to turn on and off as well as an indicator LED to show that the Solar panel is functioning. If circuit connection layout is needed just message me. OR !!! just connect to any 12v DC or battery and use it to charge devices ! This unit can also be connected to a caravan or boat's existing solar panel with battery Enjoy !! Note : if you are using a large Solar Panel you may require a regulator if a battery is connected.. All my internal parts were from my local Electronics Hobby Shop or ebay. Print Settings Rafts: NoSupports: No Notes: I printed on lowest resolution and still came out well .. no supports were needed.. Parts :- 2 x rear panel banana plugs Red / Black. 1 x 12 volt car socket. 1 x 12 volt LED I used yellow to indicate Sun. ( or use a resistor 560 Ohm with std LED ) 1 x USB power socket with 2 outlets. 8 x 3mm tapered screws. Length of cable for connections.

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