Sugar and salt Doser Dispenser


Summary Guess that everyone had time where salt or sugar dispenser do not work due clogging or there are run off too much. Now, with salt and sugar Doser Dispenser you can chose how much dose you want just by pressing and releasing the button. Object is printed with Kossel800 Delta printer. See instruction for additional details. CountertopChallenge Instructions Test print was done at Kossel 800 Delta printer with following settings: Material: ABS Color: Silver Bed Temp: 110C Head Temp: 240C Slicer: CuraEngine Adhesion: Brim Quality: 0.2mm Support: Everywhere Speed: 40mm/s Infil: 30% Cooling: None Shell thickness: 1.2mm Top/Bottom thickness: 1mm Infill overlap: 20% Head: J-Head MK-V 3D printer enclosed Printed on heated glass using hair spray for better sticking.

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