Bracket for Active Cooling Fan Duct by thruit00

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Summary This is just a little thing I made because I was too lazy to go out and get some proper bolts. It's such a small silly thing but thruit00 asked if I would share, so here goes :) I needed to attach this cooling duct to my FF creator pro but I didn't have any small bolts or screws that would fit so I made this little bracket thing and superglued it to the back of the fan duct. Works like a charm. And because the whole thing is so light it doesn't budge or fall off.. and an unexpected benefit is I can remove and put it back easily. And in the spirit of sharing .. I don't know anything about boards and stuff and I just got my first printer 2 weeks ago so I just connected the fan to an unused 12v (my fan is 12v) 500mA adapter.. just to throw it out there :) Instructions print, measure, glue :P

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