Spaceballs Chest Bursting Alien

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Summary I was thinking this would make a good prop to go in a candy bowl at Halloween. I have uploaded 2 versions, a supported and an unsupported. The supports were created in Meshmixer. UPDATE (13/OCT/2015) : New models have been uploaded which are the same scale, but the mesh has been reduced greatly so it won't take so long to download. The one with supports now has fatter posts so they should hold up better during print. Print Settings Rafts: NoSupports: YesResolution: .1mmInfill: 15% Notes: If you don't like the Meshmixer supports then use the unsupported version and create your own with your slicer of choice. How I Designed This I cut, pasted, pushed, and pulled the mesh into submission in Meshmixer. The hat and cane were modeled from primatives in Meshmixer and the arms were added through some stock arms in Meshmixer that I shaped to what I needed. I used this image to work to.

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