Modular Dungeon Tiles: Core Set

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Summary One excellent (and common) alternate use for Pocket-Tactics figures is as miniatures for RPG encounters. Because of this, I've started designing some modular map tiles fitted to their scale. Each square is 15mm x 15mm, and represents a standard "increment" of space in your game world (roughly 5 feet or 1.5 meters). This makes them perfect for D&D and similar games systems, and will work great with any 15mm scale miniature ranges. (Khurasan, Splintered Light, etc... look them up, they're fantastic!) For the full Pocket-Tactics range of models, here's the collected sets, single units and, of course, Pocket-Dungeons (which has some classically RPG-themed models): They print really easy and with plenty of space on a Replicator platform,so print a ton of these plates and build an epic dungeon! Check back for expansions and different tile types... plenty more to come! Instructions Printed in black ABS at a .30 layer height and painted with model acrylics

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