Xeno-Species: Glimmering Fiends

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Summary "Clouds of dark smoke hung over the freshly blasted mine entrance. In the stygian darkness beyond, a faint glimmer could be seen, hovering motes without tell of depth. Soon a flutter could be heard, soft at first, then rising to a cacophonous flurry, the once-dim motes now given form. They poured from that empty place, taking the worst aspects of bats, jellyfish, and ticks, their luminescent skin betraying the pulsing shapes of their strange, internal biology. Screeching in a sound born beyond the stars, they tore, stung, and bit until there were none left to give witness save the phantom eyes of the automated surveillance footage." Felt like trying my hand at some random alien creatures and was pretty happy with these guys. They're designed in 15mm scale, though they could really be used with any range. Instructions Printed in halves and assembled with superglue. Painted with model acrylics.

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