Dark Heart of Zoth


Summary Playing off of the techniques I used for my Elder Sign Nightlight, I decided to apply it to a terrain piece for our tabletop roleplaying game, Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder. This terrain piece was designed in 18mm scale for our Wayfarer miniatures (same models we use for Pocket-Tactics). Scale the designs up by 152% for standard 28mm scale gaming. For more information on our various games and projects, check out our website. The model is sized to fit a Night Ize Spotlit LED keychain (just remove the LED from the keychain portion), though any small light should work. The idol portion was printed in translucent black ABS. Enjoy! Instructions Printed the idol in Hatchbox translucent black ABS and the dais in MakerBot gray ABS at a .2 layer height with 15% infill.

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