Stepper driven USB/LED hand generator

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Summary This is my entry for the #LightItUp contest. A hand cranked USB charger and a LED flashlight powered by a spare nema 17 stepper motor! Ambidextrous design. Instructions Made in sketchup, sized for a nema 17 motor. The board has two sets of four diodes to make a bridge rectifier, a capacitor to smooth out the power, a 5 volt regulator, a switch, a female USB plug and a large LED. Select for light or USB device charging and crank away! A trapped nut inside the handle allows you to secure the crank to the flat on the motor shaft with a machine screw. The lid pushes in, slides back, locks and is secured by one screw. Never needs batteries, It dies when you do! And you know we all have a spare stepper kicking around. I got most of the bits I need, I'll see if I can solder one up.

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