GPS or smartphone dash stand


Summary If your suction cup thing stopped working or you just hate it this is for you. Slide them onto a GPS or larger smartphone that is 86 to 100 mm wide and just put it on the dash. Use one, two, three or whatever you like. Change the angle to suit your vehicle or preference by flipping them the other way. Position the stands to accommodate your power cord. Easy to store, lightweight and if you lose one who cares? If you have a smaller GPS or want a tighter fit just heat the middle over the stove and bend the hooks a few mm closer together. Feel free to hit that "Tip Designer" button, I dropped my laptop a couple days ago and it's my main design tool. It's acting funny now. Even a buck is welcome. Check out my other designs for strange and useful stuff. Print Settings Printer: Monkey S#!T Fight Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: unimportant but I use .2 for mechanical things. Infill: unimportant. Notes: Pretty thin so almost anything you set it for will end up solid. Prints in 30 to 60 minutes depending on how you set up your speeds. Print two. How I Designed This Naked.

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