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Charging a watch flat on a table has no added utility.

I recently purchased this Black Stainless Steel Watch Band for my LG G Watch. It looks great, but makes it impossible to use the charging cradle flat as it was designed, as the watch band doesn't open completely. Instead you have to put the cradle inside the band to charge the watch. This isn't terrible, but it's not great either. Plus, charging a watch flat on a table has no added utility.

I set out to design a stand that holds the charging cradle so the watch could be placed on it from one side. If the cradle was tilted at enough of an angle it would also allow you to use your watch as a clock. The G Watch is perfect for this as the screen is always on.

So there I was, naively thinking I was the first person to have this idea. Turns out I wasn't, but that's okay. This is probably a common occurrence for people when they first get into 3D printing. I soldiered on and created something that meets my needs perfectly. Now it sits on my nightstand. It's very stable and it's working great as a clock.

The stand is set up for use with the original USB cable. It would likely need to be modified if using a different cable. A friction fit cable management channel has curved corners to avoid bending the cable too sharply. I then went a little nuts and chamfered all the edges in the model, but I think it looks pretty nice when printed. There were a few flaws in my print, but I blame those on improper printer calibration rather than my modeling.

Print Settings (Used for my sample prints)

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.2mm

Infill: 20%

Extrusion Temperature: 230.0°C

Bed Temperature: 60.0°C

Filament Brand: Toner Plastics (Micro Center)

Filament Type: PLA (Red 1.75mm)

Print Time: ~4 hrs

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