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Summary Made a smaller version for kitchen iPad holder; I would have preferred it in cherry or walnut, but this is the next best option until I get some new router bits. Current shelf strip has two countersink screw holes applied; this may need to be modified to accommodate different screw head sizes. You don't have to have the screws mounted flush to the shelf board, however, if you want to be able to slide the pins freely w/o catching on the screws then you will have to countersink whatever screws you use to hold this to the wall; I have not tested this for use with heavier load/weights so take that into consideration if you want to try to use this for something heavier; wood pins tend to hold well and usually don't split depending on the cut and grain; not sure about the filament layers and interior shell patterns for this particular model. Dutchman/butterfly joints were used for centuries in utilitarian woodworking and as pins to connect/hold two separate pieces of planks/beams. This version now brought to new life as a minimalist utilitarian hanger/charger/organizer is based on Peter Duncan's Kickstarter that unfortunately was not successful; As seen on Yanko: Instructions Rep 2x; ~2hours @ .30 / 15% infill;

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