Thunder Lightning

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Summary I'm in the middle of rebuilding the oop "Bommerz over da Sulpher River" and needed some models for the Imperial Thunderbolt and Ork Fighta-bommer; I finished the Imperial Jet this evening and after going through a few other changes I'll be ready to test print this weekend; This is loosely mashed up from reference pictures from DakkaDakka, Boardgamegeek and bits from Thingiverse and SketchUp 3D Warehouse. The original game used models from the 40k Epic line of smaller 6mm minis; I'll probably not be printing these any larger then 40mm or 60mm. I have to go back through my reference folder for the other bits I pulled from sources on Thingiverse and attribute them later this weekend. I've run this through netfabb once; however I think there is still some clean up to do - I admittedly got a little lazy while just building it out and blocking it in so I'm sure there are more cleanups in the model that need to be done; one can go a little overboard adding little bits and greebles... 7/14 - printed successfully on Rep2x; @ 75%; final size 3"x3"x1"; 84minutes; wings are a little thin at this scale so I may go back in and make a new model with thicker wings at the proper size.

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