Spooky Stan Figurine

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Stan holding a pumpkin under a sheet, going as a ghost for Halloween.


One October as a kid, my friends and I decided we were too old for Halloween and wouldn’t make costumes that year. In those days you didn’t buy a costume, you made it yourself and that was half the fun. When Halloween actually rolled along, we gather sadly at my house with nothing to do but help my Mother by eating large amounts of her ‘ready-to-hand-out’ candy. Sensing our plight, and maybe to get back in charge of the Halloween candy, my Mother handed us a stack of old sheets and blankets with orders to “go out and patrol the neighborhood, and don’t cut any holes.”

That was one of the most fun Halloweens I can remember. High on sugar we dawned sheets, haunting the neighborhood and scaring every little kid within several blocks, laughing all the way. Now I can imagine what we would have looked like as the spooky South Park crew.


Print at 0.2mm, 15% in fill, with support. I usedthe 45% 2mm automatic support with S3D for the example prints. You could getaway with less support depending on your printer. IMPORTANT- in S3D, on the FFF settings, ‘Advanced’ tab under ‘Slicing Behavior’, please check “Merge all outlines into a single solid model”. Even though the model is water tight and manifold, the simulated cloth surface tends to cross itself on tight folds and can cancel itself out creating a rip. This setting will prevent the problem.

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