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The TronBuilder's main purpose is for putting together other MakerTrons. It fashions an interchangeable tool system of tool mounts attached to it's arms, allowing it to change between tools as it is needed for different jobs. These tools include, are not limited to, welding torches, laser cutters, laser drills, power claws, and power drills. This allows the TronBuilder to rebuild the MakerTron Population with ease!


The loadout used in this design of the TronBuilder includes the welding torch, laser cutter, and power claw. The torch and cutter are both mounted on the right arm, while the claw is mounted on the left. This setup allows the TronBuilder to clamped down on large pieces with one arm while cutting or welding them together with the other arm. 

On the front side of the hip are built in lights so the TronBuilder can work even in dark environments. On the back side there are two batteries hooked up to his core to power his heavy duty equipment. 

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