DRILL MASTER Carpenter Robot


Quality finish carpentry is an art dominated mainly by manual work and often pieces need to be duplicated, which becomes a tedious process. The goal of this robot design is to create a machine that can learn a woodworking process, either by process observation, or object scanning, and then re-create what it observed. It can also receive a program via a blue tooth receiver in its head. The robot has a magnetic utility belt allowing it to increase its efficiency. Under its safety shield on the head it has 3D laser scanner allowing it to create a 3D image to operate from. Each of the ball joints are driven by internal motors which allow full articulation and free movement. 


The robot is designed to be modular and versatile in the tools it can use, and the four attachments included are not the only attachments it is capable of using. the forearms have a rotating hex socket which has electrical and pneumatic contacts inside which attachments can use for power as needed. 

Design Files

File Size

Saw arm Side 2 (motor).STL
56.3 KB
plyer bottom half.STL
107 KB
21.7 MB
head socket.STL
1.67 MB
3X plyer dowel pin.STL
18.5 KB
Saw socket.STL
84.6 KB
Saw blade.STL
36.4 KB
saw arm side 1.STL
42.4 KB
plyer socket.STL
80.9 KB
Leg socket 1.STL
920 KB
4.65 MB
hammer socket.STL
80.9 KB
4.91 MB
Thigh 2.STL
1.63 MB
thigh 1.STL
1.63 MB
utility belt 1.4.STL
18.8 KB
arm socket.STL
1.31 MB
1.82 MB
hammer head.STL
110 KB
Left arm.STL
2.31 MB
Leg socket 2.STL
990 KB
Nail gun head.STL
150 KB
nail gun socket.STL
80.9 KB
Plyer piston.STL
53.4 KB
plyer top half.STL
101 KB
saw dowel pin.STL
22 KB


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