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I've focused my attention on the martial aspects of my creation. It is indeed a soldier, every line it's designed to stress this particular concept.

I firstly created 2 hands, but then I asked myself:” hands remind the idea of something which could create, manipulate the world around itself. Therefore I decided to replace them with weapons. Laser cannons suit it well. To enlight furthermore its inhumanity their dimensions also reminds the shape of a chimpanzee-like creature.

Soldiers have to march. So, I got inspired by the relentless marches of armies on the battlefield. This robot's boots are inequivocally studied to take their owner in only one direction: to war! Its knees deserve a particular mention: I was inspired by the bulbous bow of a war ship.

The head is the emblem of this robot: why we need to protect its head with an helmet, when the head could become an helmet itself? The eyes were a difficult choice, but in the end I decided to remove them. In this way I can consolidate the idea of the soulless tool.

I consider my creation as a good model for the classical robotic opponent of any kind of fantascientific hero. Dare to challange its front charge!

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