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Summary This MakerTron entry is a modular system based on the pin layout of the original design. Is added a better customization breakinf in 2 parts arms and legs. Since arms and legs share the same pin connection every part can be inserted on the other. The parts must be inserted in pairs (legs are not the same height for instance).

All pins are fused in the parts but the one for the legs to give them better grip and mobility. The design has elements that identify the system as unique. Decorations are the same on the parts making them a unique style.


This can be printed at 0.2 layer height and with and infill of 5-10%. Wall size can be made sturdy by adding more loops. I advice around 1mm (on a 0.4mm noozzle should be fine 2 loops, can be increased to 3). Supports must be used, create them with automatic settings or in Meshmixer-like software. The parts are left side of the body must be mirrored to get the right side.

Story of the toy

As you can see MakerTrons are rebuild with different features. The classic setup will have 2 styles: speed and strong.

Speed is a very fast bot with light structure and good agility.

Strong is a heavy duty bot for big jobs around.

But Makerbots are smart and they can use two ways, personalize and combine, to have even more power. They can choose 4 different heads that provide them skills over the limbs they choose. Or they can have a combination with different parts. They share the connection so a STR series can be easily connect to a SPD series to make a new powerful limb that shares part of the skills of the two series.

The barrels and round covers on the limbs hides the technology of the MakerTrons and make the different parts have theirs own characteristics. See the pictures for detailed description of the single parts.

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