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The Guardian-Bot is the sworn protector of the Maker Tron race.  Defending the innocent and preserving the Maker Tron way of life are his primary objectives.  Thrusters on the back of his legs and elbows deliver powerful kicks and punches, while also aiding in flight.  He sports a tough  armor made from the rare Maker-Alloy only found on the Maker Tron home world, as well as twin concussive blast cannons at each wrist.  Antennae on his helmet provide valuable tactical feedback in combat, and keep him ever alert.  

If I win the Maker Tron design contest, I would like to use the 3d printer I would win to make toys for children and other cool figures for people of all ages.  It is my goal to use design to inspire imagination and creativity, and so I hope you all enjoy this new anime inspired Bot.  Please Like and/or Download to support my work as an independent artist. Thanks!

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