Paw Patrol Badges (Updated July '19)

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Paw Patrol (like) badges that resemble each characters collar tag.

Please use all precautions necessary with children when using fasteners.


Repaired all models to fix issues with Z-Suite which is provided with my Zortrax printers.

Added: Paw Patrol main badge without the fixing loop.

July '19:

Added Tracker's badge with and without a fixing.

Please check out my other designs


Design Files

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Paw Patrol - Tracker wFixing.stl
138 KB
Paw Patrol - Tracker.stl
106 KB
Paw Patrol - Marshall wFixing.stl
100 KB
Paw Patrol - Rocky wFixing.stl
111 KB
Paw Patrol - Rubble wFixing.stl
127 KB
Paw Patrol - Skye wFixing.stl
191 KB
Paw Patrol - Zuma wFixing.stl
87.6 KB
Paw Patrol wFixingstl.stl
96.6 KB
Paw Patrol.stl
63.8 KB
Paw Patrol - Chase wFixing.stl
144 KB
Paw Patrol - Everest wFixing.stl
108 KB


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