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Stop 3D printing toys, Start 3D printing furniture!

The Beam Table is a dining room table you can build for yourself using your 3D printer and some basic materials from your local hardware store. The leg brackets were designed taking into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of FDM 3D-printing, which means no overhangs or raft needed! And the legs slide on and off making Beam Table perfect for pop-up restaurants, beaches, and backyards.

Printer Settings: SUPPORTS - Off RAFT - Optional

Material List: 1 x tabletop (1/2" thick 2" x 4" piece of wood recommended) 2 x "Left Bracket" printed 2 x "Right Bracket" printed 4 x 1" diameter dowels (3" long recommended) 36 x number 8, 1/2" long wood screws

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