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Summary Think you have enough Ram for your computer, stove, refrigerator or dash of your car? Of course you don't! That's where the Thing-O-Matic printable Ram come in! Imagine, printing your own Ram for mere pennies! Handy as a ring holder, key ring organizer or cat deterrent! Instructions Actually the Thing-O-Matic Ram was printed for my daughter, who, just a day before her birthday mentioned the only gift she wanted was a life sized Corsican ram skull as a decoration for her bedroom. Not one to disappoint I located a nice model at and proceeded to make a model I could print. After tweaking it to just the head and neck I used ReplicatorG 29r2 to create the gcode. Printing it at it's present size was just under 2.5 hours. This is a one off but I thought others could find a use for a pint-sized ram head.

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