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Summary I needed something to store my external HDD's in. This container is 176mm (H) x 102mm (W) x 112mm (D). It can be divided up into 6 different compartments (27mm x 98mm x 110mm). Each compartment has it's own slide in divider, so you don't necessarily have to have 6 compartments (anywhere from 1 to 6). I designed it to be assembled (as I was trying to cut down on print material & time required). The interlocking joints are pretty tight so using glue is an option, but not a necessity. Print Settings Resolution: Standard Notes: Printed on my Dremel Idea Builder at Standard resolution. You will need to print 2 smsdg-leftright_sides, 2 smsdg-topbottom, and as many smsdg-divider as you need (up to 5). Total print time for me was 12.6 hours and used 93.5m PLA. Post-Printing Just print and snap together. If you don't want 6 individual compartments, don't print 5 dividers. Just print as many as you need. How I Designed This The first one I designed was a single-print container. The print time was almost 24 hours and it used 105.5m of PLA. I decided that it was too long to print and wanted to cut down time and material, so I designed one that could be assembled (and customized slightly). The idea for the joints came from another project I saw on line: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1050205. I printed the Google Cardboard and liked how the joints fit together, so I decided to recreate the same type of joints in my project.

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