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Summary Working on building a Fallout 4 PS4 frame, this is the first and most important part, the Fallout logo. This is hand-traced using splines in Adobe Illustrator CS6 based on the Fallout 4 logo from a screen-cap of the trailer. Model is split in three files, the frame, the bolt, and the letters. Ran into lots of little issues with the original design, so I've updated with cleaner lines and thicker walls. There are now two versions of the letters, one that precisely matches the frame, and one that is 0.5mm thinner on all sides to account for the frame shrinking when it cools (and to some extent the settings of the printer). I chose to print the frame in silver, the letters in black, and the lightning in clear-orange. As you can see, this means light shines through the lightening bolt. Post-Printing A Couple Helpfull Hints For the most part the fits on the letters (using the thinner letters) were very tight. I had to file a couple sides and corners to make the fit smooth. You can see from one of the images, that I was a tad overzealous in a couple spots, so be judicious.

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