DeWalt 611 Air Diffuser for X-Carve

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Summary I remade this thing to my liking. This is a remake and I give props to mathesonmd for the initial design. This is used to reduce the amount of dust spread around by the CNC machine. Instead of blowing air straight down onto the product, it will send it out the side instead. I updated to v2. I moved the screw holes out a couple mm so they line up better. I thinned the bottom layer by 1mm so that I get more wrench on the chuck nut. I flanged out the LED holes so more light comes out. I reduced the height of the screw mount section so that everything fit flat on the 611. I set countersinks for the screws so you can use the original screws that come with the 611. I chopped one side off to get better access to the lock button. This was my first use of CAD which is awesome... you should try it out (it's free). Instructions I printed this out with 100% fill. I did this just in case I needed to hone out the screw holes. I used Hatchbox Black PLA on M3D Micro.

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