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Summary X belt tensioner (original is with fixed bearing and spring tensioner) x endstop - motor brim for nema17 (only if you use the limit switch - endstop - with short blade and roller). I'm using the direct drive extruder here so, if you don't use this, than probably the brim won't fit z endstop - (only if you use the limit switch - endstop - with short blade and roller). If you have long blade endstop, you can use stormychel's brackets here: However, my design is only a modification to stormichel's design, so, all credits to him lcd bracket - if you use the LCD12864 like me and you don't want to print a box for the lcd, than this is your bracket. Fits if you have 10mm acrylic or MDF frame Instructions x belt tensioner: 1x 625zz bearing 1x m5x20 allen screw 1x m5 nut 1x m3x20 allen screw 1x m3 nylonstop nut 1x m4x25 allen screw 1x m4 nut !!! inside the fixed x idler there are 2 small brims for the 624zz bearing used in the original design (Negrier - ). You'll have to use a fine file/rasp to make place for the x belt tensioner. Rasp just a bit of it and equally on both sides until you can put inside the tensioner without too much clearance. x endstop - it uses am m3 short screw with a nut mounted inside the brim to fix/tension the brim on the motors metal part. Tension gently the screw. Print this upside down - with the flat surface on the heated bed. z endstop - it has a shorter arm than stormichel's design. Printed with no support. Use good cooling for bridging.

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