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Summary Flip Flop or tumbling blocks is a folk toy consisting of blocks of wood held together by strings or ribbons. The tumbling blocks folk toy, also known as Jacob's Ladder dates back to the Pilgrim times in America. Know you can 3d print yours No assemble required Prints Standing Up Print more sections to make it longer The more you play with it the better it works. Play with your printing settings and the "thingOne" and "thingTwo" pieces until your prints move freely, reduce the extruder multiplicator to makes hinges move easily (mine was at 87% on this print) use 0% infill. After Printing, cut the small "supports" that connect the "blocks" to each other. Swing free moving back and forward each hinge, and work your way trough the hole piece. https://youtu.be/kvR72nPalQY https://youtu.be/W3wzaoEDNac

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