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Summary This design is inspired by a module of the City of Arts and Science complex in Valencia, Spain. This place in particular is called Umbracle and was design to be a place with fresh air in the hot summer days. The structure is supposed to support the vegetation that would help to make shadow for those visiting this place. The structure I made could be used as a garden accessory, as a support for the plants. It can be sized up or down according to your needs and each module can be easily glued up with other or others, side by side or facing each other. This place made me dream about seeing it one day (as I am not original from Spain) and fortunately I live now just 5 km away from it. Instructions Size up or down and join modules side by side or facing each other. Make as many as you want and join them toghether. I printed it with ABS with no support (0.25 layer hight).

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