L Plate for Sony NEX-5R

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Custom designed Sony NEX-5R. This design is the 5th iteration of my design. I could have stopped at #2, which was working fine. But I tweaked it to perfection. Fully compatible with any Arca-Swiss style quick-release system, this plate feature precisely contoured anti-twist features that meet the organic shape of the camera body for a perfect fit that prevents twisting between the camera and our plate. The design utilizes a captured ¼"-20 mounting screw that threads into the tripod mounting socket of the camera body. The design has holes for 3 ¼"-20 brass threaded inserts, TriStar Industries H2520 x 364P. This allows you further mounting options. I used a MeFoto tripod screw which has a hex head, so I embedded a hey key in the part so I always have the tool with me. The camera L-plate features two dovetail mounting surfaces in the shape of an “L"; one on the horizontal and one vertical. This allows for quick mounting on your tripod for landscape or portrait setups. This is a single piece design that is lightweight. It has smooth rounded corners that feel good in your hands. Compared to the aluminum versions of similar L Plates by Really Right Stuff, I took what they did and made it better. I also made it for a camera they don't support.

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