8020 Dead Spool Holder

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This is a spool holder that slides on my 8020 1515LITE bar and holds the unused spool. This is a dead holder which means it does NOT allow the spool to spin. Name taken from live center & dead center on a lathe. Not a play on the Dirty Harry movie. The shape is identical to my 8020 Live Spool Holder. Design is printable without support. This spool holder has enough clearance to slide on the end of the 8020 bar and be easily positioned for narrow or wide spools. I designed it for spools as small as 160mm diameter, but will work with any size spool you can find. There are two set of holes on the part not being used. I just like having holes. By using 1 live holder and a bunch of dead holders, I can stack all my spools on a single bar of 8020 and easily move them from the stored position to the used position.

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