Perendev Magnet Motor with generator


This motor is like the others but I had added a extra Drum this is for the self contain generator.This is what inspired me The coils for the generator came from a pancake motor from out of a ceiling fan. Woks well for the job. I added a bridge rectifier and a 12 volt reg. and hooked to a DC to AC riveter for my regulated 110 ~ 120 VAC. out. This is still a work in progress. and I do not own a 3d printer yet this will come this week. I have been working on researching and gathering all the info from different sources for the last three years. Not to mention learning to create things in the 3d world. Oh by the way the program I used that I created my parts with is very similar to Solid Works, Please take a look at this 9 min. video But this is FREE it's name is Design Spark Mechanical .I started out with Blender for about a year but when I came across DSM I was blown away. What I had learned in blender for the year or so, I had learned in 3 ~ 4 hours in DSM I highly recommend it. Please if you have any questions or input, my E-Mail [email protected] :)

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