9-Slot Card Guide for Bottom & Mid Flange Edge Connectors

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After building my Altair 8800c computer I decided I needed to make a good strong card cage to hold the various S100 boards up straight and have a means for removing the boards too as needed.  

Two sizes are to accommodate computer configurations.   9-Slots each side or a 2x Front Slots and 3x Back Slots

Design Files

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RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/75mmBottomCenterSupportBar 9-Slot BackPlane.STL
1.45 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/9x Right Card Guide.STL
252 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/9x Mid-Flange Right Card Guide.STL
319 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/9x Mid-Flange Left Card Guide.STL
322 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/9x Left Card Guide.STL
236 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/3x Right Card Guide.STL
80.6 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/3x Left Card Guide.STL
75.3 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/3x Back Mid-Flange Right Card Guide.STL
103 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/3x Back Mid-Flange Left Card Guide.STL
104 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/2x Front Right Card Guide.STL
53 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/2x Front Mid-Flange Right Card Guide.STL
68.6 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/2x Front Mid-Flange Left Card Guide.STL
68.6 KB
RackMultipart20231120-46-ir40fj.zip/2x Front Left Card Guide.STL
49.5 KB


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