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I own two of these printers and their located in my bedroom. And most of my prints are greater than 3 or 4 hours and happen at night. The way they are situated on a desk at the foot of my bed, the fans on the two can be quite loud being that they are facing right at me. So I had seen on here that someone else had did the same thing, but for another type of power supply. So here is is based on sound canceling technology. As you can see in the photos I used a type of foam to help absorb some sound on the way out you can use something similar, fiberglass works well also. I have tested it and measured the sound with a sound meter and found that it works quite well. At about 85% noise reduction. This DOSE NOT restrict air flow, as this would not be good. Created with Design Spark Mechanical. Have a great day! :-) Robert KB3LNN

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