Electronic Device Holder (With Quick Release) for Bikes

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I've made this bike accesory for mounting a cube mp3 player to my strida folding bicycle. The structure is strong so it can easily carry other electronic devices, cameras etc. There are two parts, body and bottom bracket. If you want to use the holder for fixing a cube shaped chinese mp3 player like i do, take care while selecting the player because some have got a plastic base pad part on them. And this accesory uses that plastic base. I have an updated and improved version of this accesory on my website which with better quick release details, stronger structure and nicer overall shape and it also has got an optional third part which will substitute for the plastic base part of the mp3 player to enable this accesory to be used for fixing any electronical device to a bike handlebar or any bar anywhere. visit www.endtas.com for this improved version 2.

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