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Above I have created some simple tools to help any person aspiring to begin or learn how to make sandcastles how the professionals do. here a brief description of each of the items: the wall mold; this piece is meant to be used along side copies of its self in order to form hexagonal towers, straight walls, cubic towers, or anything else you may be able to create. it is simply 90 degree slate with spikes in the bottom for stability in sand and to slots for the compatable wall customizer (see below for description), one to activly use it in building and one to hold it in a safe location while using the 45 Degree function. Wall customizer; simply a piece that is allows the user to change the angle of the ends of the wall mold piece. To use simply slide it into the correct position facing forward on the wall mold piece, to stores simply flip it around and place it in the slot directly behind the front slot. Hand Scooper; this piece is basically a shovel in claw form, this allows the user to dig easily into the sand to get to the correct sand that is meant to be used when building sand castles Multi purpose carving tool; it is a multiple function tool that allows carving of the sandcastle, very small for percision details. round wall mold; very similar to the first item but is round and does not have interchangable wall angles all wall molds are 6 inches in height the multi purpose carving tool is 3 inches in height this a ready to go sand castle building kit, enjoy. Here is a link to a way to make a professional sandcastle and another i am in no part related to the above two sites

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