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Autorobotics VAR(iable)-(e)Xtrude(r) = VAR-X-trude

bowden extruder for 1,75mm & 3mm filament - can be used for all filament-diameters. the housing is a symmetric set-up for mounting the motor from both sides of the housing with an additional bearing placed in the housing at the end of the motor axis the guide for the filament is a separate part which is pivoted in the housing in such a way, that it can adjust to different filament diameters the housing is mounted to a plate with T-nut filament gear: MK8 filament gear ; bearing size: 5 x 13 x 4 (di = 5mm, da = 13mm, B=4mm)

Actually building is in process..... result will come soon + video on youtube. IMPORTANT information: I have the possibility to print the parts at LS-Medcap (belongs to a federation of medical companies in the south of germany, I am actually working as an engineer in development). We are using the printer in-House for development and I can use the printer any time. But this will - of course, sorry! - not be free in costs. I have to calculate the costs for printer + material - soon I will make a small calculation for 1. plastic parts and 2. a complete extruder with motor & all components. Will there be anybody interested in getting one......?? Printing more than 1 at the same time will reduce the costs. Please write me a mail, and I will collect the number of "interested people" for that. I will make a calculation afterwards and give you the price as an offer and you can decide if you want one or not. In that way, there will be no risk for you, but a chance to achive low costs for an extruder in really high quality.... much better than doing it with FDM- printers !!! Iif I find enough interested people, We could achive a good price this way ;-) Please do not hesitate to write a mail to: [email protected]

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