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New  Filament-Maker with extrusion screw (3 zones), Closed-Loop Stepper with gear box (12Nm), Stainless-Steel barrel, hopper with opening guide. 

You can print housing parts yourself later!

Mechanical & electrical components can be obtained later from the 3Dmakerplace - shop 

(, 3DMakerplace planned in 72116 Mössingen, Germany soon!) 

If you are interested in building or buying your own extruder or extruder parts, write to us without obligation so that we can plan costs and possible quantities. 

Please just write us a short email what you would be interested in!!

Thank you very much for your support and feedback - we appriciate your feedback to build a high quality, affordable filament extruder for Makers and Print enthusiastics!

[email protected]

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