Faraam Knight armor from Dark Souls 3D print model

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Faraam Knight armor from Dark Souls

Warning! Only the armor elements are included. The helmet, sword, and shield are missing.

  • Optimized for 185 cm height
  • The armor is divided into parts for printing.
  • Thickness of all parts 3mm

Design Files

File Size

1.14 MB
finger 6.stl
419 KB
finger 5.stl
419 KB
finger 4.stl
1.6 MB
finger 3.stl
419 KB
finger 2.stl
419 KB
finger 1.stl
825 KB
Gardbrace_Cut 2.stl
15.6 MB
Gardbrace_Cut 1.stl
15.5 MB
Vambrace_cut 2.stl
2.72 MB
Vambrace_cut 1.stl
2.43 MB
Revebrace_cut 1.stl
9.14 MB
Breastplate_back_cut 6.stl
2.8 MB
Breastplate_back_cut 5.stl
8.46 MB
Breastplate_back_cut 4.stl
7.17 MB
Breastplate_back_cut 3.stl
7.14 MB
Breastplate_back_cut 2.stl
8.41 MB
Breastplate_back_cut 1.stl
2.8 MB
Placart_front_cut 4.stl
5.37 MB
Placart_front_cut 3.stl
8.65 MB
Placart_front_cut 2.stl
8.57 MB
Placart_front_cut 1.stl
5.56 MB
Placart_back_cut 2.stl
6.86 MB
Placart_back_cut 1.stl
7.56 MB
Breastplate_front_cut 6.stl
5.37 MB
Breastplate_front_cut 5.stl
7.39 MB
Breastplate_front_cut 4.stl
9.03 MB
Breastplate_front_cut 3.stl
9 MB
Breastplate_front_cut 2.stl
7.35 MB
Breastplate_front_cut 1.stl
4.95 MB


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