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This design is made to be versatile and able to adapt to any circumstance.   The head -  features eyes with incredible zooming capabilities, and can act as standalone cameras.  The eyes also have the ability to scan their surroundings for chumps, particularly ones with some cash.  This head also comes with a cheating unit installed for games of chance, although it has been known to malfunction. The arms - incredibly strong, with the strength to bend girders, an important feature when looking to rebuild a lost civilization.  The hands are nimble enough to lift wallets off of people, sometimes without them noticing.  The telescoping arms give this MakerTron access to all the hard-to-reach places others might hide their valuables. The legs - fast enough to run from the police, and sometimes get away.  They are also built quite strong, able to kick and break an orphan's crutch with ease.  The legs also telescope and, in combination with the telescoping action of the arms, allow the Makerton to cross all manner of rough terrain, even cross large ravines with ease.

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