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This is my first design for MakerTron and he is MakerTron Top Warrior 1. In every situation there is need to have a powerful army and what is better than MakerTron TW1 to fight against enemies with gazillion of different guns? as you can see TW1 has a magnetic gun in his right hand and a automatic heavy one in his left side, also there are 4 grenade launcher on his arms, for more usability 4 heavy gun has been designed on his arms and legs which give him loads of ability to defeat enemies, if you look carefully you can see a jet-pack behind his legs that allows him to fly for more flexibility.Finally with a great processors in the torso, designers could make an incredible analyst that located on TW1 head which can analyze every probability for best attack . If you want to MakerTron make their society  safer, TW1 can help them. Thanks for reading and watching (; please tell me your ideas about TW1 I will appreciate it.    

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