100% printed Filament Spool Dispenser

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This spool dispenser is designed to let your printer easily pull filament without jamming. The swivelling turn-table on the bottom will let the printer pull the spool into the direction with the least resistance, and the rollers on top will let the spool easily dispense its filament. This design will work with the MakerBot Large and XL spools, and will probably work with most other brands. This design is 100% 3D-printable, and is designed to have almost zero supports. It is intentionally designed to have thick components so that the whole thing can be printed at a low infill setting without losing strength. This design still needs some work. Here are a few of the things to come: -Some beautification. -An actual picture! (the print is in progress now) -A file that has all of the parts laid out and MakerBot ready

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