Lighted LED Holocron (Star Wars)

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It is a Lighted Holocron. It was made in Fusion 360 and assembled with an LED strip.

For a tutorial, click: 3D Printing Center

3D Printing Settings:

Print them one by one.  Print the frame 5 times, the top corner 4 times, the bottom corner 4 times, the side list 8 times, and the inner face 5 times. Yet, remember, you only need to print the base once. All of the printing, I used no support, 20% infill, and 0.34 mm for the layer height. Total printing time and length are about 17 hours and 40 minutes and 159 m long, respectively.

Credit for my brother: supernoblehuang

For an overview, visit my video:

Design Files

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Lighted Holocron - Bottom Corner (4).stl
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Lighted Holocron - Base.stl
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Lighted Holocron - Top Corner (4).stl
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Lighted Holocron - Inner Face (5).stl
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Lighted Holocron - Side List (8).stl
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Lighted Holocron - Frame (5).stl
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