The Ultimate DIY NAS V2

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Hey There,

So this is a new design for a 3D Printed NAS That is much lighter than the previous design.

Also its assembly video is coming soon and the assembly is not that complicated you just need to connect the small things in the box with zip ties and put a glass on half of the top to keep the HDD cage.

Youtube video linked in here is not for this design but the part list is prety much the same.

Have a nice day, Ideas Palace

Design Files

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Case 4 V2.0.stl
155 KB
Case 2 V2.0 lite.stl
649 KB
Case 3 V2.0.stl
113 KB
Case 2 V2.0.stl
105 KB
Case 3 V2.0 lite.stl
132 KB
HDD Lock.stl
75.3 KB
Case 1 V2.0 lite.stl
111 KB
Case 4 V2.0 lite.stl
175 KB
Case 1 V2.0.stl
643 KB
HDD Cage V2.0.stl
5.61 MB


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