Generic CAD Laser Etcher Engraver 80mmx80mm 3000mW Side Panels

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These pieces are designed for completing a generic CAD laser engraver case with 80mmx80mm print area using a 3000mW laser.  They should also fit 3500mW and Bluetooth enabled variants (but unconfirmed).  The default packaging only includes a single piece of green acrylic for the front, leaving the sides and back completely exposed and risking injury to the eyes.  These panels block off the open gaps on the side and back to allow for safer printing in open areas.  

Designs include: a standard solid panel for the sides, a solid panel for the  back with a cutout for the exhaust fan.  A vented side panel for air flow (with slanted vents to prevent light exposure). Two variants with 65mmx100mm cutouts to allow for placing of additional colored glass/acrylic (Allowing for placement in front of or behind the frame itself). And final side panel design with swinging access door that allows for placement of material and focusing of the laser while closing with no light gaps.

Attachment to the laser engraver case is accomplished by the tight fit of the pieces or with the use of glue placed on the overhang of the pieces (which are intended to be placed from the inside of the case.

IMPORTANT:  Unsure if the use of clear or transparent printing materials will provide adequate light filtration.  Recommend only the use of opaque materials.

NOTE:  Images are low-quality prototype prints.  Surface quality will vary by printer and slicer capabilities.   Back-panel curves were measure by eye and not 100% perfect.  There are no resulting light gaps.

Design Files

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Laser Etcher Window Side 65x100 In Front.stl
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Laser Etcher Door.stl
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Laser Etcher Side Doorway.stl
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Laser Etcher Side.stl
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Laser Etcher Window Side 65x100 In Back.stl
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Laser Etcher Handle.stl
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Laser Etcher Side Vented.stl
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Laser Etcher Back.stl
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