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The Tardigrade SD CARD Servant! A Water-Bear Servant to hold your Standard and Micro SD / SDHC CARDS!

There are 8 slots in total, 5 slots for standard size cards, and 3 slots for micro sized cards.

The slots blend seamlessly into the creases of the Bear's back.

The Bear also features an open snout, perfect for holding a thin pencil or stick!

And just like MAGIC, the SD cards and sticks on your desk are organized all in one place, all thanks to the help of a neat little Tardigrade friend!

If the Model Download Button isn't working, you may Download the Model on the Alternative Site in the link below, Thanks:

Please Download Here Instead if Download Isn't Working.


Recommended Print Settings.

0.1mm Layer Resolution, 15% Infill, Skirt.

Please Note, that the Micro SD card slots were a pinch too small for housing the bottom base of the micro SD cards, however increasing the size of the model by around 2% should remedy that slight error. Thank you for your review and understanding. (:

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