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Pinshape is your one-stop shop for 3D printable designs! Our site puts a variety of high-quality FDM and SLA printable designs right at your fingertips. Once you find a design that you like, you can choose to save it for later by adding it to a collection or you can instantly get access to the file to print on your own machine!

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Download design source files directly to your computer then use your slicer software to create your gcode for 3d printing. Make sure you read and respect the designer’s license before you download. Take a moment to understand what you can and cannot do to these downloaded files. If it were your work on the line, you’d want others to respect your wishes too, wouldn’t you. Be kind, keep this in mind!


All 3D Printers Welcome

We love all 3D printers. To us, it doesn’t matter which brand or model you have, you’re all welcome here! Since we don’t have any ties to hardware manufacturers, we are able to have an open, unbiased community that supports all makers.We want to make sure you’re able to find files and advice that work for you, regardless of your hardware.

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