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Thanks to all the participants - we love you!

Design Your Future Avatar Contest

Imagine a future in which Virtual Reality is just as commonplace as cellphones and social media are today. In this future, everyone is represented in virtual space by an avatar of their own creation. What would you look like? What would you be wearing? Would you be human? Animal? Something new altogether?   Let your imagination run free with our Design your Future Avatar Contest. Design an original character that represents your personality and spirit. Feel free to design an avatar in your own image, or take this as an opportunity to design a character that you aspire to be.   BONUS: If you post a link to your design on social media and tag @pinshape @mold3D, you’ll be entered to win a free SLA print of your design from Formlabs.   Learn how to export your VR created 3D Models from Oculus Medium into Zbrush for 3D Print preparation: Artist credits from contest header: From Left to Right: Gio Nakpil (Mo Delivery Service), Raz ( Monkey Rider), Vlad VRhuman( Red Dragon), Chris Ross (Graffiti Artist), Raz (Alien), Chriss Ross (Mech), Gio Nakpil (Turtle), Raz (Dragon), Dominick Qwek (Wanderer)  

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How To Enter

  1. Design an original 3D model of your personal avatar. This could be an avatar in your own image, or a character that you aspire to be.

  2. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, upload it to Pinshape and make sure to check a box on the upload form that says:

    Submit this model to the Avatar Design Contest

    Upload My Design Now

Rules & Eligibility

  1. Designs must be original works and not remixes of someone else's design, or a pre-existing character.
  2. Entries cannot have been previously submitted to a Pinshape contest.
  3. Entries must comply with Pinshape’s content policy.
  4. Entrants must be registered with Pinshape to enter.
  5. There is no fee to enter the challenge.
  6. Entrants can submit as many unique entries as they would like.
  7. Contest open worldwide.

Judging Criterion

  • 30 points

    Technical excellence and ease of printing

  • 10 points

    Background story and design documentation

  • 40 points

    Design Creativity and Uniqueness

  • 20 points

    Presentation- Image quality, print settings, assembly instructions (if required)

Please note - having your model 3D printed does help illustrate ease of printing and image quality.
If you are a 3D designer who don’t have access to a 3D printer, please use this thread in our forums to reach out to a maker in the community who can print your design for you!


Edward Quintero

Co-Founder, Mold3D

Edward Quintero has worked professionally as a 3D Artist for over 17 years. Clients include Industrial Light and Magic, Dreamworks Animation and Epic Games. His latest ventures are Mold3D and Mold3D Academy, which produce educational programs to give artists and designers the tools they need to succeed in their careers. Mold3D focuses on emerging technologies such as 3D Printing/prototyping, VR/AR and 3D Modeling.

Gio Nakpil

3D Artist, Oculus

Giovanni Nakpil is profoundly influenced by the magic of sci-fi and horror films. His multidisciplinary career led him to various art positions across the country, such as digital model supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Giovanni has worked on principal creatures for "Star Trek" and "The Avengers," among other notable Hollywood films. He has also designed and built video game assets for Valve Corporation. Giovanni currently works at Oculus, where he is helping to define virtual reality and explore the medium's possibilities within entertainment and education.

Gokcen Yuksek

Pinshape Ambassador

Gokcen is a 3D artist working in the industry for over 9 years in different areas. She started her career in industrial design and modeling and later worked in an animation studio on short movies and advertisements, including ones for BBC and Black Mirror. Shortly after she got into games, working 3 years in an indie game studio. Now she works as a 3D artist for Microsoft HoloLens

Dominic Qwek

3D Artist, Blizzard Entertainment

Dominic Qwek is a 3D artist current working at Blizzard Entertainment. His work experience include character art for games, cinematics and collectibles. To see more of Dominic's work, please visit his website

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of files can I submit for the challenge?

We accept .STL, .MCX, .AMF, .3MF, .DXF, .IGES, .DWG, .STEP, .ACIS, .OBJ, .FORM, .PDF, .DOCX, .TXT and .ZIP files. You can submit up to a max of 150 files and 25 photos (this is photos of the design not files for the design). 100MB is the maximum total file size.

What happens to my design if I win?

You will keep ownership of the design and it will remain available to everyone in the Pinshape community to enjoy!

Can I submit designs I’ve made available on other sites or for other contests?

Yes you can. If it isn’t on Pinshape yet and it is something you’ve designed, it’s fair game!

Do I still own my designs when I post them?

Of course! We will never take over control of your work, we’re on your side.

Who are the administrators of the contest?

Pinshape and Mold3D are the administrators of this contest

When/how will the winners be announced?

The winner will be announced in the week following the end of the contest, in a post on the Pinshape blog. If you’re a winner, you’ll be contacted directly by the Pinshape team.

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