Announcing the Avatar Design Contest Winners 🎉

Announcing the Avatar Design Contest Winners 🎉

If you haven’t heard yet, we just closed one of our most exciting contests yet – Create Your Avatar Design Contest with Mold3D. Prizes from Formlabs, Oculus, Mold3D, Pixologic, 3D Artist Magazine, and Sansar made it our most competitive yet. Thanks to all of those who entered! After several days, our judges have chosen the three winners. See who took home the top prizes: 

Honourable Mentions


Levyathan is a powerful inter-dimensional creature from the sea that’s always accompanied by an Octopus protector. This was one of the most creative contest entries and a favourite of the Pinshape team! 

Avatar – Warrior Artist by Samantha Bean 

Samantha Bean did a great job with the ideation and creation of her character and encapsulates it well with the quote “The pen is mightier than the sword – especially when the pen is gigantic and thrown like a javelin”. 

Imaginary World by Vincius Villela 

Loki is a cybernetic avatar who with his sidekick Flick, searches the horizon for new adventures. Vincius designed this in multiple components and did a great job printing it on the Formlabs Form 2.

3rd Place Winner

Book Roof by martin_nikolov 

Martin added incredible detail to this Book Roof sculpt and adapted the original design for ease of printing. He’s included a fully prepared .form file so that you can download and print your own! Congratulations on winning a mold3D course and a 1 year subscription to 3D Artist Magazine.   

2nd Place Winner

Steam Cowboy by BlackSpire 

BlackSpire did an excellent job with the design and presentation of their Steam Cowboy entry. We especially liked their blueprint renders and congratulations on your win of Zbrush Core, a Mold3D Course and a 1 year subscription to 3D Artist Magazine!

1st Place Winner

The Maker Avatar by Thomas Davis 

The 1st Place winner of the Avatar Design Contest is Thomas Davis with his Maker Avatar Design! Thomas earned a near perfect score from each of the judges and has won a Formlabs Form 2, Oculus Rift, Zbrush 4R8, and Mold3D Course. 

For those looking to enter into a new contest, Proto-pasta is giving away exotic filaments each week in our current print contest!


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  • Otto Nueve

    Thanks you so much for the honourable mention, very appreciated and congratulations to the winners!! 🙂 🙂

  • Chris Nix

    These entries are getting better and better! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • DameanS

    Congrats to the winner! Even though I wasn’t in the top 5 I still had fun making the model and his story. You can check it out here:

  • Alfred Berger

    I guess this explains why Trump is our president….

    I know we didn’t even get a mention but we are happy to have the most likes and downloads. We are very proud of the three characters we designed just for the contest and the immense effort we put in. Paying to have them all printed and painstakingly painting them late at night after work didn’t payoff for the contest but seems to have mattered to many others on this site. So thank you everyone for all the downloads and likes…. Sorry we let all of you who supported us down, just know we don’t understand what happened either.

  • Bruno Câmara

    Hey Pinshape and Mold3D. I talked to the judges and they said they didn’t even SEE my entry ( What happened? If someone work a whole month on a piece for a contest, at least the judges should see it.

  • Alfred Berger

    Amen! Way to go on talking to the judges. I’m not happy with these results either.

  • Mark Geoghegan

    Makes you wonder how many they did actually look at and how they were
    judged. 3rd place winner is a bird house, its a great design but nothing
    to do with virtual reality and has no background story or design

  • Sore_loser_club

    Obviously the judges weren’t told ahead of time that you were meant to be the winner of this competition. Or that likes and downloads were the judging criteria according to the highest judge of the competition – you.

    Get this guy a ribbon or a medal or something, he was meant to win this competition. Nobody else must have spent time, effort, and late nights except for you. You are truly a hero of design and I also cant believe that you were not presented as the winner by default. Why bother with the competition when you were obviously the winner all along. This result is a travesty.

    So many sore losers these days…

  • Sore_loser_club

    Welcome to the Sore Loser Club, where we understand that obviously no other competition entry could possibly be better than yours. Next time let the judges know before hand that you have already pre-judged the competition so they don’t have to waste their time. Obviously no one else put any effort, time or late nights into their entry, only you. Also let all other future competition entrants know that they need not bother as you will be entering the competition, meaning that you should be the winner based on your own judging criteria of likes and downloads that was set by you.

  • Bernard Brits

    I’m happy with the winner. Very cool design. I’ll try harder next time. thanks for a great contest