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Craftunique's signature printer, Craftbot comes equipt with a heated build platform and it's own free software called CraftWare. It also has a touch screen and is USB compatible.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
250 x 200 x 200
Layer Resolution
100 microns
Material Types
PLA, ABS, PET, Nylons
Maximum Temperature
260° C
Open Source

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Small epsn0038 By michael-guenther on Apr 15 2017
My printer for specialty filaments and my own made filaments

Temperatures are possible up to 280 degrees with a Hotend update

This is interesting for nylon carbon and similar filaments and of course for filaments I myself have made . The Craftbot is very easy to use and you can fix quickly blockages or filament breakage.

Avatar small By sinan1 on May 01 2017
CraftUnique Craftbot 2

It is my first 3D printer and it is beyond my expectations.  As a starting 3D printer it is very easy to use and understand the software as well as the hardware.  Simple design makes it less scary for a beginners. It can keep printing from where it left if there was a power cut.  I would recommend it to everyone as a powerful, fun and easy to use machine.  

Avatar small By Brad Whitehead on Nov 08 2017
Craftbot +

My craftbot is my go to printer. Great surface finish and the easy to remove print bed is one of my favorite features.

Avatar small By Andreas Axelsson on Jan 01 2018
Craftbot +

Very easy to use printer with good results!

Avatar small By monkmartinez on May 09 2018
Craftbot +

My craftbot has been a pleasure to work with. As a complete n00b to 3d printing, it has been relatively forgiving. 

Avatar small By Porten on Mar 26 2019
Good printing

Craftbot 2 is a userfriendly 3D printer. I can recommand this brand.

Avatar small By ipechy on Jun 10 2019
a perfect hobby printer

I use the Craftbot +

Avatar small By kleyver gutierrez on Oct 03 2019
muy buena

buena impresora en general tengo todas las verciones +, XL, 3, 3XL.

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