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Small metatron By mmoestre on Oct 19 2016
Awesome printer with easy to upgrade platform.

My Craftbot has been very reliable and can print with most experimental filaments.  While not the fastest printer on the market it, it is consistent and prints well once you get the hang of its print configuration setup.

Small 12243002 660538870716135 1558663251362276039 n By john_russell on Oct 20 2016
Reliable workhourse

I have been using my CraftBot+ for over a year and have printed 100's of hours with zero problems.  The slicing software (CraftWare ) is very easy to use  and generates flawless GCode.  I would put any on my prints up against any print I have seen from MakerBot Replicator or Replicator 2 .  And the CraftBot+ at half the price with about the same build size.  I could not be any happier than I am with my CraftBot+

Small 560103 10200426869818564 1464522482 n By ernstMreicher on Oct 20 2016
CraftBot+ good printer for acceptable price

compared just by fotos the print quality is better that with a lot of the competitors

Avatar small By Fekete Tibor on Oct 20 2016
I have 2 years of experience with CraftBot (initial version) but it is a robust and good printer.

It's best feature is usb printing what mean you do not need to connect a laptop or any other device, just plug in an usb drive and GO. It has colored menu interface and have many options to choose from.

It has a robust metal housing so very stable and do not need recalibration, just when you travel/move the printer to another location.

There is a new version what has more and more features than mine :)

I recommend this printer!

Avatar small By JPD333 on Oct 20 2016
A very good printer, supports all the filaments.

Easy calibration, 20min after unpacking I already was printing a small piece with very good results. Print quality is very good and this printer supports all filaments. I recommand it.

Small giphy  1 By Sponge- on Oct 15 2020

Sehr schöner Drucker. Einfach anmachen und Go !

Small 321310 478744415518819 1006170812 n By szkrisz on Nov 08 2016
The best 3D printer

I own two of this beautiful 3D printer. We use them almost every day since I bought them 2 years ago. I recommend this printer anybody who just want to print without problem and do not want to calibrate, set, adjust and try

Small 12111961 10206526260146914 335284826023757123 n By ak on Nov 13 2016
great value printer

I have three of these nice printers and I am very happy with them. You get great results and now you even can continue a print after turning off (still a minor bug there). Good price/quality balance. I would like to have a bigger and more active community for it to exchange tipps and tricks and firmware improvements.

Small mm By Marcus Malmberg on Nov 28 2016
Great value and print quality

I got an early CraftBot in 2014 so some teething problems were to expect. All issues were solved by CraftUnique by sending me the parts, since the machine is quite well constructed I was able to make the necessary repairs myself. However, the Craftbot sold today seems far more robust I think, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solid 3D printer. Preferably the XL with linear rails if budget allows.

I am printing all kinds of stuff in PLA and PTE from different cheap brands, and as long as it sticks to the build plate it just prints without problems. I print on a glass plate held with a few gino pads which is a common low cost upgrade. It is flatter than the provided alu plate which warped a bit for me over time

CraftUnique also develop the slicing software CraftWare, which is pretty solid IMO. It gives a nice 3D rendering of what the objects layers will look like, and it has tons of parameters. Anyhow, you can of course use other slicers with the CraftBot. Finally I'd like to mention the CraftUnique forum where a very friendly community does its best to help anyone running into problems. The devs are also present there hinting about new CraftWare features and stuff like that which is awesome.

Avatar small By info44 on Dec 12 2016
One of the greatest printer in our time

I bought one 2 years ago... and I bought anotrher one after a few months. Plug and print. Nothing else!

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